Accept yourself, love yourself.

Day in and day out, the Accept collection is a stylish and sturdy companion that covers all your important storage needs. With these bags, you don’t need someone to complete you.You only need someone to ACCEPT you.

ACCEPT Collection:

These bags by HYOU is a must for the brand's most fervent fans, and for those who just want to be cool! Its shape is convenient for any lifestyle this season. These colourful lightweight bags will help you travel further with less in more style. Perfect for a day trip to the beach or a day out in the city.

  • Body Fabric: 600*900D POLY
  • Laptop Size M: 15.6 inch
    Laptop Size L + Carry Bag: 16.5 inch
  • Tablet pocket: Carry Bag only
  • Weight L: 490 gr
    Weight M: 380 gr
    Carry Bag: 670 gr
  • Size M: H42,5 x D10,5 x W28
    Size L: H45 x D14 x W30
    Size Carry Bag: H30 x D11 x W30