The perfect companion for business and travel. Departure offers the many advantages of a real polycarbonate line.
Get ready to depart in style.

DEPARTURE Collection:

These Spinners are for those who refuse to leave anything behind. Not only can you pack everything on your travel wishlist and still have room for souvenirs, but you can also rely on the supreme durability of 100% polycarbonate case to protect all your contents. This four-wheel carry-on is ideal for frequent travelers and those who take shorter trips.

This fashionable polycarbonate bag is giving you all the security durability and peace of mind that you need when traveling to your next destination with its integrated TSA locking system.

  • Body Fabric: 100% Polycarbonade
  • Size 19.5: H59 x D23 x W42,5 Weight: 2,91 Kg
  • Size 23: H67,5 x D28,5 x W47,5 Weight: 3,92 Kg
  • Size 27: H76,5 x D31,5 x W51,5 Weight: 4,83 Kg
  • Size 31: H87,5 x D34,5 x W57 Weight: 5,66 Kg